Business Planning


Business Resource Consultants helps you become a successful entrepreneur. Our objective is to provide reliable information on market research and feasibility studies: business name, structure and location search. BRC also facilitates researching franchise opportunities, preparing a business plan, financing, taxation, payroll & deduction remittances and much more.


Business Planning


It is a good idea to manage your own business provided you know and have what it takes. Starting a business is risky at best, but your chances of making it succeed will be better if you understand the problems you'll meet and work out as many of them as you can before you start. Here are some areas where Business Resource Consultants can help you in establishing your own business.

1.      BRC will assess your personality to determine:

*              if you can get a business started and make it run efficiently;

*              why you want to own your own business;

*              do you want to badly enough to work long hours;

*              and do you have any prior business training/experience;

*              is your family along with your plan to start a business of your own.


2.      BRC will evaluate and guide you to determine

*              how much money you will need to get your business started;

*              how much money of your own you can put into the business;

*              how much credit you can get from your merchandise suppliers;

*              where can you borrow the rest of the money you need to start  business;

*              how to figure out what annual loss/income to expect from the business;

*              prepare a 3-years business plan to apply for business loan and line of credit;

*              your willingness to re-invest your salary/business profits to grow  business;

*              dialogue with a banker about your business plan.


3.      BRC will assist you to:


*              locate a befitting partner for additional financing  - someone you can get along with;

*              understand the good and bad points about running your own business, having a partnership, and incorporating your business.


4.      BRC will conduct a feasibility study for you to:

*              find out if most businesses in your community are doing well;

*              find out whether or not businesses like the one you want to open are doing well in your community or vicinity;

*              know what kind of people will want to buy what you plan to sell;

*              know if people like to live in the area where you want to open your business and they need a business like yours;

*              consider opening a different kind of business or going to another location.


5.      BRC will conduct a location study for you to:

*              find a good building for your business;

*              have sufficient room/space to expand when necessary;

*              fix the building up the way you want without spending too much money;

*              ensure people access your business easily from parking spaces, bus stops, or their homes;

*              check the lease and zoning requirements.


6.      BRC will facilitate lease improvements and operating cost:

*              assist purchase of right equipment and supplies you need at a reasonable cost;

*              research feasible option to buy second-hand equipment to save some money;

*              determine your expenses for: rent, wages, insurance, utilities, advertising, interest, etc.;

*              educate which expenses are direct, indirect, or fixed and how much your overhead costs and selling expenses will be.

*              how you should advertise? (newspapers, posters, handbills, television, radio, Internet, mail).


7.      BRC will evaluate business risks and guide you:

*              to identify major risks associated with your products, services, business;

*              to minimize any of these major risks;

*              ascertain if these risks are beyond your control and could bankrupt you.


8.      BRC will assist in merchandising your products:

*              what things you should sell;

*              how much or how many of each you should buy to open your store with;

*              how much or how many of each you should buy to open your store with;

*              after comparing the prices and credit terms of different suppliers recommend suppliers who will sell you what you need at a competitive price.


9.      BRC will efficiently:

*              implement a system of records that will keep track of your income and expenses, what you owe people, and what other people owe you;

*              recommend a way to keep track of your inventory so that you will     always have enough on hand for your customers but not more than you can sell?

*              guide how to keep your payroll records and take care of tax reports  and payments?

*              recommend what financial statements you should prepare

*              prepare your yearend records, financial statements and tax returns.


10.  BRC will handle business law requirements:


*              handle licenses and permits you need

*              explain business laws you have to obey

*              arrange legal advice and help with legal papers.


11.  BRC will coordinate buying a running business:

*              elaborate advantages and disadvantages of the business someone else has started;

*              explore the real reason why the owner wants to sell this business;

*              compare the cost of buying the business with the cost of starting a new business;

*              verify if the equipment/inventory are up to date and in good condition;

*              verify if the lease of the building premises is transferable to you;

*              check with other business owners in the area to see what they think of the business for sale;

*              reconfirm with company's current suppliers about continued flow of merchandise for sale.


12.  BRC will help set pricing and boost sales:

*              recommend how to determine what you should charge for each item;

*              determine what your competitors charge;

*              evaluate whether you should have sales associates or self-service;

*              recommend how to encourage customers to buy

*              explain why a customer likes to buy from some sales associates while others turn him/her off;

*              emphasis whether or not to let your customers buy on credit;

*              explain the good and bad points about joining a credit card plan;

*              differentiate a deadbeat from a good credit customer.

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Business Name, Resource and Location Search


Business Resource Consultants helps clients to search Business Names for both provincial and federal registrations of sole proprietorship, partnership and incorporatioins. Acting as a Name Search House in Ontario, we conduct on-line name search through NUANS Name Serach sytem and provide NUANS report for provincial registration  with Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Business Services. It is a five-page computer printed search report consisting of corporate names, business names, and trademarkws that have already been registered and are similar to the proposed corporate names.  A NUANS search is not required if incorporating a number company.


Similarly, we conduct online NUANS search for federal registration of incorporations with Industry Canada. A NUANS search report is valid for 90 days to be registered.

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Business Incorporation and Registration


A business is an activity that you conduct for profit or with a reasonable expectation of profit.  There are three types of businesses: sole properietorships, partnerships, and corporations.  The way your business is taxed has a lot to do with the way your business is set up. The proposed corporation name is approved by Industry Canada in accordance with Business Corporation Act for federal registration and by Ministry of





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Business Plan and Feasibility Study






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Project Budgeting and Costing 








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Retail Management & Marketing









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Franchise Opportunities and Entrepreneurial Research

No consulting firm has successfully helped people better to realize the dream of business ownership than Business Resource Consultants. We want to be sure we understand you, your goals and your dreams. Our first step is to talk together. Then we'll ask you to response to some questions. Your answers will give us more insight into you and the kind of business that should be the right one for you.

BRC will study your responses and arrange a conversation in person. We usually spend 1 - 2 hours with you to develop a blueprint or "model" of the perfect business for you. Later, you will use this model to evaluate businesses you choose to learn more about. This model is uniquely yours so we want to make sure you feel it's correct. When you are satisfied that you have identified your model correctly, we will be ready to suggest business types that structurally and strategically meet your model. Best of all, you will be able to compare each business you look at to your model and will have a level playing field against which to measure them.

When you have identified some business types that you think match your model, we will identify and suggest specific companies you may want to be introduced to so you can start to learn about them in greater detail. We have screened several Franchisers and worked with many people just like yourself, so we have a pretty good idea of the kinds of choices that you are probably looking for.

Entrepreneurial and franchising research is the most important step of all. We can not do your research for you, so it's your job to do the "heavy lifting" and conduct a complete and thorough investigation of any business that you think may be right for you. We will even give you some sample questions and research guides to help you get started with this all important step. When you are ready to buy, we can provide you financing sources, franchise attorneys and other resources you may find helpful. We know franchising and we will find the right franchise for you.

Here are a few practical hints to help you select a franchise:


*              Talk to and visit as many franchisees as possible.

*              Talk to and visit the franchiser and get to know the history and experience of the Officers and Managers.

*              Consult any and all advisors that you feel can be helpful to you, including a franchise attorney.

*              Ask any and all questions you can. Nothing is too trivial to ask.

*              Take your time, and be very thorough in your investigation.

*              Do comparative analysis of other franchises in the same, and other, businesses.

*              Evaluate yourself as compared to other franchisees that you meet and talk to. You make a difference!

*              Make sure you are comfortable with what you have to do.

*              Read and understand the sales literature, Uniform Franchise Offering Circular, etc. Know all the terms of your agreement.

*              Give yourself plenty of room to maneuver financially. Plan for more expense and slower profitability than you think you need.

*              Avoid surprises. Be thorough; be conservative; be informed.

*              DO A THOROUGH RESEARCH. The more you know, the better your decision is likely to be. Remember, only you can determine if any franchise is the right one for you.


*              Hurry. Short-cutting your research can increase your likelihood of failure.

*              Over-extend, or be optimistic about your personal finances. Be realistic, and if anything, conservative.

*              Skip consulting professionals. Saving on fees may deprive you of information critical to making a good decision.

*              Settle. Get the business that you want, not the first one that comes along.

*              Take anyone's word. Find out for yourself.

It is your money, your risk and your opportunity. You know best what you need, so investigate first hand. The time to find your franchise is now! Stop debating about your future and make it become reality today. Contact Business Resource Consultants (BRC) by email, fax or phone, to begin your first steps into a more rewarding way of life.

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