Building a successful business requires steadfast determination and unrelenting concentration. You have to keep one eye on the future – on what your customers need, what you can deliver, and how you will achieve your end goal.  And one eye on the present – on new strategies, current financials, and tax planning.  All this, and you want to be profitable too.  BRC tax planners are an excellent resource to help you minimize your taxes and make your year-round tax planning easy.


Business Resource Consultants offer full-service individual and small businesses and corporate tax preparation, electronic filing and Refunds. We offer one of the most comprehensive computerized tax preparation services. Our state-of-the-art, tax and accounting software is the driving force behind our success. We offer you the client a step-by-step personalized service that guides you through a series of questions about you and your tax situation. Each answer will lead to additional detailed questions in search of all available deductions, thus maximizing the available deductions, resulting in the largest possible refund for you. We uphold our high standards by uniting a wide range of expertise; updating our tax specialists; and educating our tax team.


o         Personal Tax Return

o         Small Business and Self Employed Tax Return

o         Corporate Tax Return

o         Child Tax Benefit & GST Refund

o         Corporate Tax Planning

o         CRA Tax Audit and Review

o         Registered Education Saving Plan (RESP)

o         Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP)


Personal Tax Return








Small Business/Self-Employed Tax Return


An individual who has business relationship with a payer is a Self Employed individual.


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Corporate Tax Return




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Child Tax Benefit & GST Refund




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Corporate Tax Planning


Corporate taxes do not have to be a burden. We are tax experts who understand not only the intricacies of tax law, but help you plan for the future and avoid liability with smart tax strategies that work.  We know GST/HST and provincial sales tax.


We will work with you to minimize your tax liability and ensure your organization complies with local, federal, and international tax law.  As a gateway to the vast tax resources with Business Resource Consultants, we can offer a fresh look at your tax position with an eye towards broader business objectives.  Our dedicated tax professionals work closely with you to understand your organization’s global goals and strategies and how industry and economic treads affect your business.


Together, we can develop tax strategies that work for your organization and industry, and help streamline compliance processes. Elevate the strategic role of your tax department, and you can have a lasting, positive impact on your company's global effective tax rate, global cash flow management, and, ultimately, shareholder value. Invaluable to this process would be a resource dedicated solely to generating creative tax savings ideas. Our transfer pricing team can help you maximize your potential for an increase in after-tax-income, while minimizing the likelihood that you will endure adverse tax adjustments and penalties.



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CRA Tax Audit and Review










Registered Education Saving Plan (RESP)







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Registered Retirement Saving Plan (RRSP)



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